AQUASAPIEN – Metamorphosis Limited Edition by Carol M. Salter


  • 18+ adult
  • Contemporary,Sci-Fi action adventure.
  • Limited edition because when print run is sold NO MORE WILL BE PRINTED.
    This story has been re-released as two separate novels.
  • Save almost £6 purchasing one book instead of two.
  • Also available in kindle format
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    “In the high-stakes world of elite mercenaries, one man’s encounter transcends the known limits of existence. Aquasapien is a thrilling odyssey of transformation, where the mightiest have the most to lose.”

    “John Redshaw, a master of stealth and combat, returns from a covert operation only to be ensnared by an extraordinary destiny. An unwitting brush with a mysterious lifeform triggers a metamorphosis that threatens to dismantle his reality, mission by mission.”

    “As Redshaw’s existence warps with every passing moment, one question looms: Does his evolution pose a grave threat to Unit One, or to humanity itself?” 

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    Available on Kindle too.

    This edition comprises of both Book 1 and 2.

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