AQUASAPIEN – Metamorphosis – NOVEL (Limited Edition) When its gone, it’s gone.


  • 18+ adult
  • Contemporary,F action adventure
  • Cross over Science fiction/fantasy
  • Full-length novel (448 pages)
  • Limited edition because when print run is sold NO MORE WILL BE PRINTED. This story now printed as two separate novels.
  • Save almost £6 purchasing one book instead of two.
  • Also available in kindle format – Click here

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John Redshaw is the weapons specialist for an elite international mercenary team. He has everything; a brilliant job, fantastic salary, a great life with girls in every port, no strings attached. His idyllic world falls apart when unknowingly he becomes infected by a sapient marine life form.

Is it a case of bad luck, simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Or, is it pre-ordained? As a result Redshaw is thrust in a new world, a world he doesn’t want, where he loses control and almost loses his humanity.

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Now available on Kindle too.

This edition comprises of both Book 1 & 2.

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