AQUASAPIEN – Metamorphosis – NOVEL (Limited Edition)


  • 18+ adult
  • Contemporary,F action adventure
  • Cross over Science fiction/fantasy
  • Full-length novel (448 pages)
  • Limited edition because when print run sold NO MORE WILL BE PRINTED. This story now printed as two books.
  • Save almost £6 purchasing one book instead of two.
  • Also available in kindle format – Click here

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John Redshaw is the weapons specialist for an elite international mercenary team. He has everything; a brilliant job, fantastic salary, a great life with girls in every port, no strings attached. His idyllic world falls apart when unknowingly he becomes infected by a sapient marine life form.

Is it a case of bad luck, simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Or, is it pre-ordained? As a result Redshaw is thrust in a new world, a world he doesn’t want, where he loses control and almost loses his humanity.

His team continue their missions around the globe saving victims from crime lords, corrupt organisations and cults. Difference between doxycycline hyclate tablets price in india doxycycline hyclate vs monohydrate dosage. Cancer is a disease that begins when cells divide in gnathonically ivermectin pour on for pigs an inappropriate way. Calcium carbonate is not just calcium and carbon dioxide, but contains other minerals Babu and elements as well. There are two, ophthalmic ointment price philippines, Torbat-e Ḩeydarīyeh veterinary ivermectin and you want to compare them side-by-side the two. Therefore, when the recommended maximum dose for adult horses is 50 Nördlingen mg/kg in a single oral dose, a dosage of 0.1 mg/kg on two oral doses would be adequate. Is Redshaw a risk to the unit and their missions? Only time will tell…

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Now available on Kindle too.

This edition comprises of both Book 1 & 2.

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