GREEN ANTHOLOGY – Inspirations Writers Group – 2021 Winners of the Denise Robertson National Anthology Award


Supporting local writers,

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I am very proud to be associated with this proactive and friendly group who published this their fourth anthology Green in 2020.

This year, in 2021, I am delighted to announce this hard working group has received the Denise Robertson National Award for Anthology writing. It was awarded by the National Association of Writing Groups who over see the award and you can see the details here.

As with the previous volumes the individuals members are encouraged to create their own pieces, but each must fulfil the criteria of having something green in with the words, this might be nature inspired or man-made.

Inspirations Writers Group is a not-for- profit- community group who exists to support and advise writers and would-be writers so they can fulfil their goals and dreams. Be that as successful traditional published authors, or individuals who want to leave their mark for family and friends.

Please use my contact page if you would like to know more  about the group, or go to their own website


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