WITCH ON THE WARPATH by Carol M. Salter. Book 1


Contemporary fantasy set in South East England.

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“Uncover the unexpected heroism of Onk, a city troll whose evolution defies his kind, in a journey from London’s buzz to Kent’s serenity.”

“Against the backdrop of real locales that bridge London to Kent, Onk transitions from ordinary to extraordinary. He forges alliances, confronts adversaries, and changes fates. His heroism? A reluctant choice in a world where magic and reality collide.”

“Follow Onk’s compelling story as he traverses familiar streets into the heart of enchantment.”

Onk’s further adventures continue in Gristle’s Revenge, available on this site.

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1 review for WITCH ON THE WARPATH by Carol M. Salter. Book 1

  1. Carol Salter (store manager)

    Received 26/01/2019 at 07.11hrs
    From I.M.

    Book Review: I found Witch on the Warpath a great read in which I got totally immersed. It was thoroughly enjoyable to the point I could not put the book down. I can’t wait to start reading the sequel, Gristle’s Revenge which I purchased today.

    • Carol Salter (store manager)

      Thank you I.M. so good to receive feedback and hear that readers are enjoying my work. It gives me encouragement to continue writing. You may have seen from my blog that I have just begun a third story in the series, The Quest for Courage which if you read book 2, Gristle’s Revenge, will explain the meaning behind the title.

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